Monday, June 8, 2009

- a rare flurry of social interaction

A little bit of a bi-polar week. Some challenges on the personal front, which have left me emotionally dehydrated, and which make it all that much harder to address the Everest of work to which I have committed myself.

In the celebration-slash-curiosity category, my dearest friend Donald finds himself married. With little warning, his predictable urbane life has been thrust upon its head and in a few days he leaves town to live in LA with his new love, Peta, a worthy soul and a thespian of some repute in Hollywood. [think of the vampire in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen]. I can only fantasise how wonderful their lives will be.

My benefit show is gaining steam, though it will be something of a challenge finding the right angle for promotion. We’re considering naming it Sails of Oblivion - a way of drawing attention to me for those in the know, yet just a name for others. Sean Kelly, Nick Barker, Hugo Race, Greg Fleet, David Bridie are currently on the bill together with Steve K and the reformed Ears. I had my first performance anxiety dream in decades last night.

Anne Harding, a friend of even greater vintage than Donald, held her fiftieth birthday party on Saturday night. I made myself hoarse reacquainting myself with estranged friends and acquaintances – though the fact that Lynne, Polly and I had come straight from the football did not help. Another uneven victory for the steamrolling Saints. We sat in seats saved for us by my friend Andrew. I was beside a mature lady named Gwen, who happened to be the mother of Billy Miller. [Remember The Ferrets?].

I must admit to having a few drinks at Anne’s. One gets excited, over-stimulated at this type of event. Pierre, the now-rehabilitated demon-punk of the eighties [The Fabulous Marquises], Barry Sherman [The notable occultist], Jade and Martin Lubrin, Nurin Veis [Scientist and curator at the Melbourne Museum] and a host of other cronies from the elder days … I considered it a major achievement that I did not wake with a hangover.

And now to the grind … neck deep in the naltrexone implant, cannabis law, ebay and in dredging up the jewels of the past.

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Bwca Brownie said...

of course we remember The Ferrets.
I lived opposite their Sth Yarra house when they were The Hottest Thing.
Wishing you even more socialising- it's good for the soul.

princey said...

Great news Sam!!! (no, not the footy, the gig!!!) Great line-up, any idea of the date and venue for this 80's retro night? haha.

*CassieL said...

And we can both sit back here in Melbourne and be jealous of our mate Bruce B hooray-henrying in Sydney with with Brian Eno... comparing hairdressers of all conversational opportunities!!!

Anonymous said...

very impressive line up for the gig. hopefully i will be in funds (am currently poor as a church mouse) to buy a ticket. i will let erin and heather (your angels) know that it is happening too.