Friday, June 19, 2009

* 10 June 1981 Wednesday 1am

I behaved extraordinarily today. I calmly executed all the actions I had planned. Perhaps Jean Genet has been influencing me more than I realise.

Everything is pointing towards my successful netting of Carol’s flat. I think my mother can sense my determination – perhaps she will help. She’s already offered to pay the gas and electricity bonds.

My third night without alcohol. My weight has not ostensibly decreased yet as I’m still eating excessively. (I usually vomit to dispel some of it.)

To carry out my present plans I will have to control myself to an unusual extent.

(But I can feel my sanity creeping off into an evil-smelling hole – embarrassed)


Hmmm. Anorexia. Bulimia even. And long before those designators entered the common parlance. I was definitely obsessed with my weight for a time, although I was thin as a rake; I even went to the doctor once, worrying that my stomach was swollen with disease. It was my imagination, he told me.

But enough of that. Richard Lowenstein has uploaded some Ears clips and a mass of photos onto the Facebook page for Sails of Oblivion – The Gig.

Diaries of 1981

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casjumbo said...

It's strange looking back on the inadequacies of our youth. The things that used to obsess us for hours, days, weeks... suddenly as we approach middle age seem so inane at times. As indeed our focuses now well may seem obsessed or inane to us in another 30 years time (the internet? LOL!)

Thanks for the links Sam. I invited myself and RSVP'd to the gig on Facebook. Is the DIS re-launch going to be a closed affair or open for a few of us to attend?

I still can't understand why Rooftop pulled their screening at the last minute last year, it would have been a perfect location to see the film on the big screen again.

Sam Sejavka said...

You can buy tickets to DIS [Aug 1] as you would for any film during the festival. The doco Living on Dog Food is on the following night and the same deal applies.

You're right. It's one of the small graces of age that such concerns lose their importance. If only I had this mind and that body ...

casjumbo said...

Well..... I really really really hope in 20 years time that I won't STILL be stewing on the fact that I'll be interstate on August 1st and 2nd 2009, and will have to miss the screenings on the big screen of both shows.

I seem destined to never see DIS on the big screen again, but will take great solace in The Gig :)

See you there, if not at Community Cup tomorrow...

Sam Sejavka said...

Oh, the community cup, dammit. We'll be rehearsing