Thursday, April 23, 2009

~ survival fund

By hook and by crook, I've managed to pay off the lawyers - mainly through bank loans - and although the aspect of my legal problem is looking slightly less gloomier, it's still dire and in the meantime I'm living day to day in a financial sense. I think I've had to fork out just on 20G which is more money than I've ever seen in my life. If you enjoy the blog, or want to help me fight what seem to be rather draconian marijuana laws - or else just pity me - please feel free to make a donation. I'll love you forever.

Below are earlier versions of this post


About a year ago, I ran into some trouble with the law. It concerned a couple of dozen marijuana plants which were discovered in my backyard with the help of a concerned neighbour. Fair cop, I thought. There's no such thing as a free lunch, after all.

But, to my horror, I spent the following two weeks in jail, charged with trafficking and cultivating a commercial quantity of cannabis. These are very serious charges indeed and are vastly out of scale with my offenses. I face the very real prospect of a considerable jail term and the seizure of my family home. Putting aside the impact this will have on me, there is also my family to consider: my seven year old daughter Polly, an innocent, and my partner Jenny. In a worst case scenario their lives would also be devastated.

The legal process has been long, nightmarish and expensive . Primarily with the proceeds of the Sails of Oblivion benefit show - to which such saints as Steve Kilbey, Brian Hooper, Sean Kelly, Greg Fleet, David Bridie, Hugo Race, Nick Barker offered their services - I have been able to pay the six or seven thousand dollars it has cost thus far.

But the trial is looming. Extraordinarily, it will take place before a jury and last four days in January 2011. I will again have to accumulate something in the range of seven thousand dollars before August this year - as the the judge has deemed that finances be in place by that time. As I own my own home, I am ineligible for legal aid, and I do not earn enough to qualify for a loan.

Naturally, any donation, however small, would be welcome. Clicking the donate button will take you to Paypal, from where monies will be transferred directly to my solicitor's trust account. If Paypal is not your thing, cheques may be mailed to 3 French St, Mt Waverley, VICTORIA 3149 Australia.

As you can imagine, it is humbling having to make this request, but my situation leaves me little option.

Love on ya.

[Below is the original text for this post. Once more, I will promise to post more often, if I am able. And I will have a hard look at the idea of selling artwork. And I am up for any suggestion.]


You may have noticed that I’ve added a Donate button.

Due to recent events, (which, for now, I can only describe vaguely as being legal in nature,) my financial circumstances have become rather dire – and further challenges are looming in the not too distant future. If you’re a reader of Sails of Oblivion and/or just want to help, I and family will bless you for any contribution, however small. In return, I am biting the bullet and guaranteeing a minimum of four posts per week. I’m also thinking of creating a members’ list to which contributors’ names will be added, if they wish. I just have to put some thought into it, and any suggestions are welcome.

I’ve been producing some pretty interesting artwork recently, surprising even myself, and I’m considering offering it for sale at some point, hopefully soon.

I’m still not wholly clear how the donate button works, but I do know any contribution will flow to my paypal account. Be sure to leave an identifier, if you wish to be identified, and please, above all, do not feel even remotely obliged.

Love on ya.

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princey said...

Selling your artwork is a good idea Sam, I remember some of your sketches you've posted here, they were amazing!!! I'd love to buy an original "SS" painting/drawing if I can afford it. You probably know that sk paints and sells on the internet and has had a couple of exhibitions (overseas), I think he sells almost every original painting plus he gets prints and cards made up of his artwork, maybe you could something similar?
Keep us posted ok!

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Donations! Interesting idea. I have a "Support your local Artist" bumper sticker but that has not gotten me very far yet.

I think all artists knew the global recession was here a year before governments acknowledged it. So if you don't get immediate response to art you put on sale don't despair. Even established artists with large followings are feeling the pinch.

lily was here said...

We all need to put bread and butter on the table. Its the new form of busking except you get to stay warm and dry. I'd love to buy some of your art when i can afford it. I also think the young ones would LOVE your artwork on posters, especially the gruesome stuff :)

Special K said...

If only I could...

Best of luck. Will keep reading.

jade said...

Donated a little today Sam, more to come. Hope all is going well. Love, Jade.

P.S. Update my blog link ya bastard!

I haven't been writing a whole lot but that will change one day I think.

sam sejavka said...

Will do, Jade. And thank you most effusively