Friday, August 7, 2009

~ my perfect flesh

The second showing of Livin' On Dog Food is tonight. I'm going again, not just because there may yet be someone I haven't told about the Ears reunion, but because It was genuinely interesting, and I found myself dwelling on the past in quite a nice way, freed from any lingering pain or grinding embarrassment. Bathing in nostalgia is one of the pleasures of increasing age - that's if you can keep it in check.

I had a brief conversation with a Latvian in the ACMI bar last night, who asked me if I was getting tired of the recent recrudescence of early Eighties material. As I tried to formulate a reply, I spilt my beer over him. Typical. I lost my car keys too and had to walk home from the station. The answer was 'no' by the way; my candle of remembrance will burn at least to the 16th.

At the end of last night's 'Post-Punk Mix-Tape" there was a short film made by David Collyer titled Wind In My Heart. It was nothing special really, just curious for me personally. I played the main character, a friendly gravedigger in the process of bleeding to death, and, my god, I was handsome in those days. Slender, red hair, white teeth, perfect flesh ...

But age has wearied me, and the years condemned ... Nice to look back on though, a gem to nurse in my heart. Something my daughter can brag about one day ...

Anyway, here's the poster for 'Livin' On Dog Food'

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Marshall-Stacks said...

... the ACMI Latvian got your keys in revenge for the drink spill.

going away now to look up recrudescence as Mr Latvia sure passed ESL

Sam Sejavka said...

Glad I'm keeping you on your toes - vocabulary speaking

lily was here said...

The past, it comes to us in many different dimensions.. as the future, present ..and a cinema near you :) Why not enjoy them all, in varying degrees of appreciation! Just wish I could too. Please beg someone to put all of these on dvd for us poor unfortunates too far away

love xox