Tuesday, May 12, 2009

~ the sweet milk of success

I don’t like to talk too much about football. After all, it’s only football, but sometimes I just get too excited to shut up. I’m hoarse [and more than a tad hungover] today from shouting my lungs out at the Docklands stadium last night. And not because it was a close, edge-of-the-seat type game, but because the St Kilda Football Club were just so, so good it was heaven to watch.

(That it was Collingwood under the sword only made it sweeter.)

For years now, we’ve been up there, a contender, but something’s been missing, some essential spirit or hardness or determination or who knows what. There was always the possibility that, instead of putting the knife in, the team would fall to pieces. You could never really be sure whether they’d shine or be shameful.

But now that elusive final element has clicked into place.

Through the long grey years of St Kilda history, there have been few sunny days and supporters have learned not to expect too much. The disappointment is just too hard to bear. But this year, this supporter, member 31800, is standing up and crying out the news:

This is St Kilda’s time! Our year!

(Will I regret this down the track, I wonder?)

Lynne, the Englishwoman I converted to St Kildaism nearly two decades ago, was with me there last night, lapping up the sweet milk of success. She’s right in the middle of preparations for Snatches, the annual theatrical mosaic she directs at RMIT’s Kaleide theatre.

Snatches' facebook page
Another Snatches link

If you are able or feel inclined to come on Wednesday you’ll see me play a squalid predatory gay psychiatrist. On Friday, I’m a psychopathic German neurosurgeon in Matthew Lambert’s play ‘Hitler’ and a venomous tool of officialdom in my own ‘The Goitre Birds’.

I promise that the title 'The Goitre Birds' came direct from my imagination. I had not the faintest inkling that such a thing might really exist - but here, courtesy of Glittersmacked, proving the old adage that there is nothing new under the sun, is a Supentius camelus or Goitre Bird ...

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F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

holy cow Sam!
the bird pic made me forget everything I read before I saw it.

Isn't life amazing though.
Cheering you on.

Sam Sejavka said...


Funny thing, the bird looks just how I imagined it to. And the goitre is full of mind-altering substances

*CassieL said...

I would like to say that amazing picture of the bird made me forget everything else I'd read here....

.... but I can't admit to that, I am, after all a St Kilda fan through and through. I follow on the fringes but damn it is our year and though we take each week game by game, it's a good feeling. I wish I was there too... I'm stepping out for my first game this Sunday. I'm almost too scared to go to break the wonderful run!

OK, back to goitre birds....

F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

oh yes St.Kilda FC ...

Sierakowski, Ditterich ... haven't been lately though.

Sam Sejavka said...

I'll be there too on Sunday, with bells on. Football is the closest thing I get to religion - the sacred cult of St Kilda. And don't worry, CassieL, we played so brilliantly on Monday, it's hard to imagine anyone beating us, let alone Essendon ...

But you're right ... let's not jinx it

*CassieL said...

hmm, the sacred cult of St Kilda. I like it. See you at church this afternoon!!