Thursday, May 29, 2008

~the black dog

I’ve been very busy clawing myself out of one of my periodic black holes. I’ve been living the life of a single father, since my wife has embarked upon one of her periodic respites, [from me,] - and it hasn’t been too bad. The washing machine has broken down and, despite Roberts best efforts, today I made my first visit to a coin laundry in about twenty years. It wasn’t too bad. I read a bit of CUSP, a very technical sci-fi novel, and reread a bit of The Poet by Michael Connelly while I waited. I had a nap. I picked up Polly. We went to the supermarket, via the bottle shop, where I picked up a bottle of cleanskin Merlot, about two thirds of which I’ve drunken at the time of writing. At the supermarket we bought gladwrap, chocolate custard, cat tuna, a bueno bar and considered buying nappies for the cats

The point of all this is that at last things are looking better.

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princey said...

Ha, ha is that Polly's artwork on your sad face? Cute!

Sorry to hear you've been having a bit of a hard time lately Sam, but by the sounds of it you're coping really well and giving Polly all the love and care a little one needs from her daddy.
I really hope the laundrymat culture never dies, people always look so relaxed and calm in those places.
(mmmm, Bueno choccie bars, they're one of my favourites and always seem to be on sale, nothing could be finer!)

Good to hear from again Sam.
Love Amanda

Ann O'Dyne said...

Connolly is OK - CopperWitch blogspot has all his novels and I read them while her houseguest recently.

I just discovered 2 new blogging treasures -
a Texan DNA scientist who reads Proust and is a lovely man Bob Estes
and a photo-Journalist Jez Coulson who is the best and NICE as well.
peace and love to you dear Sam

Anonymous said...

aaah... winston's doggie. he visits me more often than i would like. glad to hear things are feeling better.

congrats on a great piece at snatches - definite hihglight of the show

Matt said...

Hey Sam,
Good to have you back on board. We missed you!
The goddamn black dog . . . it's touched my family too so I know better than to sit here and give you any advice.
Just know that you have a bunch of fans out here keen, as always, to hear what you have to say.

Anonymous said...

i could have sworm that i left a comment here before...

glad that things are feeling better.

did you know that, as of yesterday, lynne ellis is now officially a 'real' employee and on the payroll as a permament staff member of rmit? woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

sweet. and very, very romantic.

I want to tell you I'm so sorry that I removed your comment a few weeks back. You know the reason. I removed it so urgently that I didnt even read it carefully. You must have been hurt... if you were, I'll tell you, I'm sorry.

You've let me know what is called perseverance and self-confidence, which is truly the most percious things in our lives.

You have the right to take more self-pride in youself, Sam.

All the best to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

yeah.. one thing i'll forget to tell, you are Excellent.

princey said...

Hi Sam, hope everything's ok. Just wondering when you're going to write to us next, it's been so, so,long!
Take care.
Love Amanda

lily was here said...

There was something weird happening lately; in the stars, something eerie in the water, something strange, sad and unsettling in the winds; its some thing. But things ARE better I feel & that sad looking clown in the photo must've bought Polly, and the cats, a lot of joy! Hope this finds you well and surrounded by good energy and love!

Jade said...

Oh poo.

It's so frustrating that I've discovered you at a time where you're taking a break from writing. I completely understand it on the one hand, but on the other, I'm experiencing withdrawals now that I've read your entire blog, had a little stalk around the web for more writings and now I've run out.

Dysthymiac said...

just swinging through,
hope you are warm and snug against the winter.

Sam Sejavka said...

Strange looking back on a miserable period ... maybe having a post like this sitting up here, will remind me to take care ... thank you so much for all the kind comments ... Yes, it's Polly's artwork, Amanda. She had a fine time at it, if I remember correctly - me? i felt like used flesh at the time ...

Hi, Ann O'D. With Connelly, it's best to stick to the Bosch novels, hey?

Thanks Matt, Thanks Lian, Thanks Jade and thanks Meredith, as regards The Ovist at Snatches