Monday, August 17, 2009

~ okay, it’s two pm.

Okay, it’s two pm.
Jenny is asleep.
Polly is asleep.
Our house,
In the near-nether regions of the city
is somnolent, it’s true …
at peace …

Only the clickety-clacks,
The clackety-clicks,
The whirring,
The juddering
And purrings of my mind,
Sustaining …
Like a moebius note
From the lunatic guitar
of my friend and colleague Mick Lewis
who did such a very
good job last night indeed.

My busy old head
Won’t stop
Like ... an abominating
Red spasm
From the cricket in its nighthole;
Recharging and discharging
Like the Grand Capacitor of our Bi-valved Overlords
At every point
On the vast psychotropic spectrum
Of unalloyed animal excitation.

Off hand,
I can’t think of a gig,
(At which I’ve had the privilege to sing),
Which came close to last night.
Never had a better crowd.
A better band
Never such vibes.
It’s glorious what can burst
What can erupt like a toothed alien embryon ...

When the room
is so completely on your side.

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*CassieL said...


There was so much love in the room last night. So many old friends catching up. All there to see The Ears. What a privilege it was to be a part of that.

I bet the young, optimistic and troubled Sam of the 1981 Diaries could never have forseen the success of a comback gig like that in 2009!!

My photos didn't work out, doesn't matter, it's all so clear in my head. Thank you Sam, what you created was wonderful. I was there with Steve Kilby fan friends who hadn't ever heard the Ears or seen Dogs in Space... they were just raving about your set! The songs were so strong, they have more than survived the test of time... they sounded wonderful. I couldn't believe after all these years I was hearing them live.

Hugo Race blew us all away with a ripper of a set too, the whole afternoon was fantastic.

But WOW. What a finale :D

penfold4 said...

Sam I just wanted to write to you and congratulate you on last nights performance at the corner hotel. I used to watch all of you guys on countdown. I was so inspired by punk. You are an excellent performer and you really brought punk to life on the stage last night. YOU ROCK and you should do more of it!!!!

*CassieL said...

I forgot that I wanted to make special comment on the awesome "between sets" track list you put together, it had us rocking and singing along all day! Everyone was commenting on the great tunes and Bruce said you'd put it together yourself.

(do you do DJ sets by request for parties?!!).

CassieL @ work

princey said...

Hi Sam, just wanted to say that the gig last night was fantastic, bravo to you and the band!!! You were born to be on stage Sam, you're a natural and your voice sounded perfect, just like it was 20+ years ago! I wanted to talk to you after the show, but you were already mobbed by fans haha, I could tell by your face you were so high on happiness, that made me happy too:)
Not sure what happened to the line up of guests, but it seemed like SK wasn't given enough time on stage compared to Hugo Race and that other band, but I know timeslots are limited with these benefit type gigs, so I can't complain, its just that it seemed he was on'n'off stage in the blink of an eye!

So what's in store next? A Beargarden reunion....YESSSS!!:)))

All the best and thanks again for a great night,
love Amanda

Marshall-Stacks said...

Wasn't it all just fantastic!
EVERYBODY had such a good time - a percussive good time.
Thank you to All Ears.

Ann oDyne said...

And ... there were many many cameraphones relaying the set, as well as still-cameras and movie cameras in the audience - it was preserved from every angle, so they're all STILL loving it.
The Big Gig indeed.

Anonymous said...

Bless you darling Sam it was a triumph exhausting exciting and there was SO MUCH love in the venue 360 people you know !! They came to see remember and value what the "Ears' and our generations band scene gave and give Melbourne

LadyFrejya said...

"The well is there for all.No one is forbidden to take water from it. No matter how many come, all find what they need, for the well is dependable.It has a spring and never runs dry. Therefore it is a great blessing to the whole land. The same is true of the really great man, whose inner wealth is inexhaustible; the more that people draw from him, the greater his wealth becomes."

eek said...

Yay! I'm glad it went well!

Special K said...

I'm sure glad I was there. It was a beautiful thing. You glowed. Thank you.

Sam Sejavka said...

Whew! What a beautiful page of comments. Hardly know what to say, except that, though I'm a rationalist, it almost seemed like we were being looked after from above.

Cassiel, you're right. The love was palpable. Penfold4, thanks, and we are doing at least one more show. Cassiel again, hmmm [embarrassed mutter] yes, I was rather proud of the tween sets music ... took me rather a while to organise ...

Amanda, lovely to meet you, as brief as it was [and unexpected!] And to all the rest of you lovely folk, thank you and all my love


Sam Sejavka said...

Vita, thanks my dear and there were actually more than 400.

And thanks LadyFrejya. A bit of Confucian wisdom never goes astray

mickleberry of brunswick said...

Wonderful gig, Sam.. cheers!

i was so looking forward to that, and you totally bettered any expectations. So much fun, lots of energy, great songs. Yeah.

Thanks a bundle.. and thanks for writing about it too. That adds a real dimension to the experience.