Thursday, March 24, 2011

~ a monstrous bellowing of gratitude

A monstrous bellowing of gratitude. To those many many friends, who have supported me over the past two years. Those who put up their hand for the Ears Reunion at The Corner ... Those who vouched for my character, gave of their time ... Those whose sympathetic, compassionate words buttressed my spirit against the fear and uncertainty ...

And all those others.

Two years and twenty three hours, exactly ...

Since that dreadful incident ...

And an honorable judge of the County Court saw fit to refuse the OPP's request of a custodial sentence - in favour of a punishment more befitting the error of illegitimate backyard gardening.

Technically: a two year Community Based Order. I know I can live with that.

The dark clouds that have dogged me throughout this experience are just beginning to disperse. It's going to take time, I suspect, for the reality of such good, good news to sink in. Perhaps, by tomorrow morning, the skies will be clear.

Amen to that, at last.

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