Tuesday, August 18, 2009

~ a note ...

I’m not even looking at that post I made on Sunday night. I’ll go from the fact that I thought 2.00am was 2.00pm, that it may be a bit sodden. Forgive me. (I'll sneak back and edit it later.) I spent yesterday in bed and woke up this morning with a damaged wrist and throbbing neck muscles. How did that happen? I had everything else covered. Why didn’t I practice headbanging?

There are some photos of the show popping up. Check out Leila Morrisey’s shots at Faster Louder (Where are the handsome ones? They have to exist, surely?)

Thanks to everyone who helped make Sunday such a great day. Kudos. I’ll write something a bit more substantial tomorrow. I’ve scored a copy of Star Trek and I’m about to watch it.

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RankoTM said...

Good one Sam. Great gig by the way. I was literally blown away!

David said...

It was a brilliant show!

Vikki Riley said...

Sorry I couldnt be at The Corner Sammie, Darwin a bit far away.
Heard it was a raging success.
much love
Viki Riley