Monday, August 10, 2009

~ the nodus of august sixteen

Life is spiralling down to the nodus of August sixteen. I’m not nervous, I’m just worried that something will go wrong … But then … the tea-leaves have oriented themselves auspiciously thus far. (I look a bit dangerous in the photo, I know; it's an automatic band-photo expression)

I’ve become reacquainted with just how hard grungy rehearsal rooms can be on the voice. One has to sing or else scream at full volume to be even vaguely heard against the sonic wall of the band. It’s hard for an instrument of mere flesh to match the output of dedicated noise-making artefacts like drum-kits and Marshall amps, even with the help of a PA. I’m pretty husky after yesterday’s practice. I’m going to have to take it very easy. No nasty cigarettes. Plenty of fresh air and exercise. We’re having a last rehearsal on Friday night; I’d should be careful not to blow my fragile old voice box.

Then, there’s the question of facing an audience. There are elements of caricature and all that, but it’s not like playing a part in a play. It’s me on stage. I bear the same name as I do in real life. Perhaps, I should just attempt to replicate the very different me that fronted The Ears two and a half decades ago, with a few modifications for the sake of dignity … and the depredations of age. It just feels a little odd. Thankfully my fellow band-members have been very understanding of my attempts to rediscover my rock-star persona in the rehearsal room.

With me in the photos are Mick Lewis [guitar] x2 and Carl Manuell [drums]

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Xgirl said...

Will there be video footage of your performance? I would really love to see you play live. Rehearsal footage is great too!..The pics look cool and I'm certain that you will sound amazing. X

Anonymous said...

cut and pasted the media release for this gig here on blogger, alive not dead and facebook. am just about to email it around now. sorry i wont be there - have been booked to go to the country for mum-cheering-up duty on that date. chookers. i am sure it will be grand

Marshall-Stacks said...

1. more foldback !!

2. everybody will be WITH you - there won't be a critic in the place.

3. Still Crazy after all these years ...

Sam Sejavka said...

x-girl, there are actually 5 or 6 people filming the show at last count. We should be able to edit that into something great.

Meredith, what a shame and Marshalls-Stacks, well, Marshall stacks are the problem, non?

Marshall-Stacks said...

speak up! my ears are bleeding

princey said...

Hey Sam, don't worry about the audience, most of us will be over 40, so we understand about the "ageing" thing......if you're having fun on stage, then we'll have fun too:)
Looking forward to it!
love Amanda

Anonymous said...

Your nerves will be unfounded Sam, everyone will be so happy to be there that you will be able to sing twinkle twinkle little star and you WILL be a star!

You have created a great event that many people are looking forward to, enjoy it for what it is, as we will too.

(btw will you be able to update us with St Kilda live scores throuhgout the evening??!!!)

See you there....

CassieL (at work, not logged in)

Sam Sejavka said...

Again, thanks for the reassuring words. They're, well, ... reassuring.

I'm pretty pleased with how the band is sounding, so at least that's not dragging on my nerves. My only fear is the unknown.

The St Kilda game is indeed an issue and if Cassiel is not indeed a band member him/herself, he/she is wise to note this point. I'm going to bring a tranny.

eek said...

You'll do fine. The audience is coming to see and support you. They are going to be thrilled to see and hear you. It's probably not a bad thing to be a little nervous because it keeps you on your toes...just don't let it overwhelm you. Remember, people are pulling for you.

*CassieL said...

CassieL is a she, not a bandmember and can switch on 'wankermode' for a while to check the scores on the phone. It is, after all, getting to the pointy end of the season and a lot's at stake for us long suffering St Kilda fans. I'll keep you informed.

btw, that was me that mentioned the Martin Kantor connection the other day, accidently under a wrong login. This small world never ceases to amaze me, I have 3 groups of friends who don't know each other all turning up independently on Sunday.

It's going to be great... look after that voice Sam!

Sam Sejavka said...

Cassiel, I'm sorry, the St Kilda connection caught me unawares and I thought, for a moment there, you might be our [new] keyboard player Andrew Park, who is an absolutely obsessive fan. He keeps reminding me [in a nice way] of the sacrifice he's making, forgoing the St Kilda/Essendon match on Sunday.

What a wonderful year for the Saints. Or is it just a dream?

Thanks everybody, you too eek, for all the words of support. They're diamonds to nurse in my heart. My voice is getting better day by day, I'm doing my scales, and Robert's going to provide me a little oxygen at the side of the stage, just in case ...

[no one seems to know this, but most rock singers [and drummers] used to use oxygen. I'd borrow Michael Hutchence's on occasion, when we supported INXS. Don't know if it's still done.]

Helen said...

Never used oxygen myself

(Drummer, Buick KBT)

Glad to hear the gig went so incredibly well!