Wednesday, July 22, 2009

~ we're livin' on dog food - trailer

Richard Lowenstein has just released the trailer for 'We're Livin' On Dog Food' - his doco about the early eighties scene in Melbourne and, of course, the events surrounding the making of Dogs in Space.

It's showing on August 2 at the Melbourne Film Festival. This is its facebook event page and here's the trailer:

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sam. This event has already sold out! Tried to get tix today. Do you know of any other screenings? Lisa

Sam Sejavka said...

I think there's only the one screening. The DVD, however which will have both DinS & WLODF together will, I believe, be on sale at The Ears gig [SailsofOblivion:The Gig]

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Really looking forward to the gig. What an amazing line up! Lisa

Marshall-Stacks said...

I'm watching it now and it's fantastic.
All those people who looked so YOUNG back then when I was 30 -
NOW they look older than I do.
bwah ha!
and the musos who seemed quite brilliant back then, have been proved by time.
It's great to see film of gigs I was at.
and Alannah Hill brave enough to say she thought the BND were ridiculous. James Valentine said the same last week.
Thank you to Mr Lowenstein for making this DVD treat.