Friday, July 17, 2009

~ childen of the ear

If you know anyone whose interest might be piqued by the Sails of Oblivion gig, feel free to forward this e-bill.

And to quote original keyboardist Gus Till's reaction:

"I recall you telling me that when the name 'The Ears' was decided upon it was also unanimously accepted as bleedin' obvious that it should never ever be mentioned that under NO circumstances would a picture of an ear ever be involved with anything ever associated with aforesaid group! But in one eye and out the other, the passage time of time has nullified this once unbreachable position.

But the ear of god? I like it!!"

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F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

The Ears

aural sex

lily was here said...

Top poster Sam, very karmic and the kids reminding me of those readers we had in school. Cant get down for the gig but will shout it from the treetops for you

love Sue x

Sam Sejavka said...

Very perceptive Sue. I borrowed the image from a horrifying book I had in Grade One called 'My Way To God'.

It begins with ...

"God is my Father in heaven. He loves me very much. God has given me many gifts. thank you, God."

And continues in a similar vein.

As Richard Dawkins says, indoctrinating children in this manner is a form of abuse. I don't mind Polly believing in Santa Claus, that's one of the joys of childhood, but I keep her well clear of marauding religious missionaries.

And, by the way, thanks. Every bit helps at the moment.