Friday, July 31, 2009

* June 28 1981 Sunday

I’ve got myself the leading part in the Ovaltine (flavoured milk) ad. The payment is $1,000. They’re contracting me for a year, I think – and part of the fee will go as their percentage.

I don’t quite understand why I was chosen. Personally, I thought I looked ugly on the video, and I still had a shadow on my face, even though I took great pains in shaving.

It has the same air as a Big M advertisement [almost]. I felt embarrassed by some of the things I had to act out … prowling after girls … drinking the stuff … simulating satisfaction …

That Carol’s going to get it! I’m moving in regardless of those godforsaken druggies.

Lots of time with Phillipa & Gus. Lots of booze etc. Lots of wasted time. I’m going to become (the) retiring (type) for a while, I think.


I wonder if anyone recalls this ovaltine advertisement? I’d be curious to see it. I think I’m old enough not to be embarrassed. The agency were trying to get ahead of the trend by using a ‘blitz’ theme. I was wearing these bespoke leather pants and a semi-frilled white shirt, wandering down a forced perspective hallway opening doors. There was a cow behind one. There was a surfeit of ovaltine flavoured milk cartons behind another, and behind still another there was a rather hot female model, probably with Eighties hair, sipping ovaltine flavoured milk through a straw. I know she was hot because she’d stripped naked about two feet from where I was sitting having a semi-conscious morning coffee in the dressing room. The effect was instant paralysis. These model types …

The money, by the way, was huge at the time.

Diaries - 1981

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Ann oDyne said...

"I felt embarrassed by some of the things I had to act out "

thats what the huge money was for.
For young readers, compare Sams $1000 fee with the $76000 that I paid for a renovated cottage in Dundas Place Albert Park in 1981. Stylishly renovated too, by the guy who renovated The George.

The frilly shirt was the era of Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet frills, and there were plenty of frills at The Crystal Ballroom in 1980 - I have photos proving it.

but OVALtine was still SQUARE man.

Sam Sejavka said...

Coming on Aug 16 Ms o'Dyne?

Marshall-Stacks said...

she wants to, but thinks her Ex is in this country and wants to avoid him and his daughter.
She did a Dogs post at AOD