Sunday, August 17, 2008

~ recommended product #2

Please afford me the pleasure of recommending another curious product from the mysterious Orient.

This snack comes in a number of flavours. The package contains two compartments: one a small reservoir of
creamy, honestly delicious dip, the other containing biscuit sticks, each one branded with an enigmatic animal-related message ...

Giraffe - Tallest Mammal
Fox - Beware of Lies
Cow - Muuuu
Starfish - Star + Fish
Bat - Only in The Night
Mole - In a Hole
Goat - You are Lucky Today
Rabbit - Eat More Carrots
Chicken - Kokekokko!
Chick - Lucky Colour Yellow
Beetle - Lucky Colour Brown
Sheep - Wool Sweaters
Owl - Active at Night
Zebra - Herbivore
Frog - Amphibian
Cat - Say Meow
Horse - Gallop Away
Octopus - Lucky Number: 8

Is this copywriter seriously out of tune with nature, or what? No, I'm being deliberately unfair. It's a language thing... Or is it?

Congratulate Polly on the discovery of Yan Yan - and for this magnificent clown which she brought home from school on Friday

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Anonymous said...

So Spring is coming there,Sam? I really want to write something for your little angel, but who can ever write better than her dear father?
She's getting prettier and prettier, all my best wishes to polly.
Love this photo. Love this beautiful girl walking in the Spring.

Been enjoying your blog very much, Sam. Always a great pleasure to read.

Sam Sejavka said...

Thank you, flying bird. And yes, she is getting prettier, particularly with the missing tooth which you can't see in the photo.

Anonymous said...

... sam, this really gives me a chuckle. I can imagine how lovely that would be.

Please call me Lian, my surname, which is much easier to pronounce than my given name.

princey said...

She's a born artist, you're little girl is, and a gorgeous one at that! I'm trying to get my 4 y-old into painting, but all he wants to draw or paint at the moment is goddamn Batman or fugly monsters! (gotta start somewhere I suppose)
Must get my mouth around one of those whacky, educational chocky sticks, haha keep those updates happening Sam!

lily was here said...

Sam, I sadly see older kids in my classes with less imagination than your Polly. Her picture, is, without bias, quite sophisticated for her age. Amanda, the older boys in my classes are mad on drawing anything involving horror... they may become blog writers :)

Sam, Polly's dress - my daughter had one just like that in velvet.