Tuesday, August 26, 2008

~ stag beetle: like it!

Without wanting to hex myself, things have been better than usual around here. Perhaps it’s the celebratory atmosphere that descends around hard rubbish time: with the purging of rotting, water-logged junk and the acquisition of fresh, interesting, new junk. I’ve found a working espresso machine, and a brand new trenching tool, and an abswing - which is actually a fairly useful bit of exercise equipment.

Also this fine piece of abandoned art. The lips are meaty with a fine gloss. Their texture seems almost porridge-like.

The larger of our two cats, Tweety Bird, has been bringing a new kind of trophy into the house. It is a particularly hideous grub or caterpillar, black, shiny and fat, which bursts with a spray of atramental ordure if stepped upon.

No one knows their origins, but I would like to think the garden [or wherever] is better off without them. Polly has suggested that the itinerant Tweety Bird travels at night to the Moon, where she captures these terrible grubs as souvenirs.

Robert’s possum friends – who visit him in the carport by night - have been breeding. The mother actually let him feel the bump in her pouch. Here is the bump a week or two later, on its mother’s back.

I’ve had my hair cut, by Lynne, who is back from Europe with Mitch. A group of us attended Robert Harvey’s valedictory home game at Docklands on Sunday. I’ve been taking long walks and doing laps … I’ve been swallowing garlic, fish oil and milk thistle. If life remains at this current pitch, it will only get better … One advantage: I don’t have to look far for the greatest threat to my fragile equilibrium – for I am the past master of self-destruction and insidious auto-sabotage!

Last thing. What we believe to be the final element of the Yan-Yan puzzle has fallen into place.

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princey said...

At least you can find a bit of "art" in your hard rubbish throw-outs, you'd never find that on this side of town!!
Good to hear life is sweet for you at the moment Sam, and you're feeling happy and healthy. Those fat, ugly, squirt-worms are gross...did you actually step on one to find out it squirts....yeeek!!
Take care,love Amanda

mel said...

The grubs being brought in are most likely related to the title, they're probably beetle larvae. It's a lawn grub, not sure if it's the same one my cats bring in, but they bring in white ones that turn black when they die, and if you get the black stuff on light carpet, it doesn't come out. I think the ones I have are curl grubs, but google 'lawn grub'and you might find something you recognise...

Ann O'Dyne said...

awwwww ... dear little possum baby.
A pox on people who do not cohabit with other animals.
Possums die if trapped and released in a strange place.
(people might too)
peace and love

lily was here said...

Without my glasses on the first pic looks like a horned beetle, the 2nd like a square bowl of chillies and the 3rd like, um, weird dog droppings? And i thought to myself "surely Sam wouldnt".. but maybe he would LOL.. And now Im focused, I would swear that was a bardi grub (aka the witchetty grub) except they are usually squishy white, not black. Bardis are found buried in the ground at the base of a gum or wattle tree. Maybe an evil cousin?


ps and i hope youre happy that i had to look up both "atramental and ordure" :)

lily was here said...

ps tomorrow my son is turning 18 which just staggers me! Just days before his birth a strange noise in my kitchen turned out to be a possum stuck in the flue atop my woodstove, which wasnt on in case you were gonna ask :) I had to don a big pair of welding gloves to rescue him back to the garage.. and hence, we nicknamed our baby boy Possum till he grew too old for it.

Mook said...

Hi Sam
I've been prowling around your blog of late (found it courtesy of Ieva) and am enjoying reading your musings! The mirror you found is truly spectacular, made me think of MoBA, have you heard of it? - they have a very strict collection policy...
Cheers, Marianna in Riga

Jadey said...

Wow, that lip mirror is fantastic. What a find.

Sam Sejavka said...

My wife in particular is grossed out by the grubs. She's claiming they deliberately evert their stomachs, so as to better spread the glutinous black filth. Another has arrived since this post.

Thanks Melanie, if it is indeed Melanie, for the useful pointer. It's easier to endure such abominations, if you have a name for them, but I can't find anything about curl grubs turning black like that. Your cat likes them too? Tweety seemed to do a lot of internal tongue work afterwards, as if there was a disagreeable aftertaste. You're very right about the staining too.

Ann O'D. Possums. Can't kill them. Can't grow fruit with them around. Only thing left is to love them.

LWH - don't you feel better now? Knowing the meaning of those most crucial of words?

Hi Marianna. Long time. And the family? And Riga? Polly has annexed the mirror, which is good. She's getting a healthy taste for kitsch