Thursday, March 27, 2008

~ benign girl

Today, I was trolling a two dollar shop, seeking some super-glue to fix my swim-goggles, when I encountered a most extraordinary product. I had no choice but to purchase it. It spoke to me in a way I could never hope to express in mere words.

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princey said...

You wouldn't believe it Sam, I saw that SAME doll today at the Preston Market $2 stand thinking "whaaaat????"! haha
love Amanda

Sam Sejavka said...

I wonder if Malign Girl is also available?

angel wings and hearts said...

ha. i have also seen benign girl at preston market. maybe we should start cataloging (sp?) her appearances!


lily was here said...

oh god, some poor buggar in China obviously looked up his english translation dictionary and came up with benign instead of kindly or gracious


Helen said...

Gold, gold, gold...

Anonymous said...

Hey, at least that cell phone's not carcinogenic!
*giggling inanely*