Thursday, May 14, 2009

~ larry the shrink & his runny black ectoplasm

My portrayal of the revolting Larry the Shrink did the trick. Johdi, who works at RMIT Union Arts, said she had to look away, so appalling was my character’s treatment of his hapless patient Heath, played by the sweet and sexy Ben Andrews.

A big thank you to the lighting crew in the biobox who, instead of blacking out the stage when I pulled Ben’s head down to my crotch, chose to leave the lights up for what seemed like a good thirty seconds, during which I had to confront the audience with sordid expressions of depraved pleasure while moving Ben’s head up and down like a piston. Like I said, thanks.

And why do I always play these nasty deviant characters? Well, they’re more fun, aren’t they? And I can give vent to any poisonous runny black ectoplasm that may have accumulated on my chakras. Being nice all the time is nice, but having a licence to be horrible – albeit on stage – is fine for the psychology.

Speaking of psychologists, I have an appointment with one today and I’m reasonably sure he’ll be nothing like Larry. The issue is my long and winding relationship with a certain form of vegetable matter – the same vegetable matter which has recently landed me in dreadful troubles.

The ordeal continues, populating my dreams with all manner of dire scenarios, but life goes on, in all its colour and glory, as the photos below will demonstrate (There are a few extra on Flickr.)

Don’t forget, there’s another completely different night of Snatches on Friday night at 7.30 and my short play The Goitre Birds is in the mix.

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princey said...

The theatre world needs folk like yourself Sam, it sounds like you actually enjoy playing out revolting characters! but you're right, it's an escape from being "mr nice", to feel what it's like to be on the "otherside"

Goitre Bird sounds verrrry interesting!

Hope the appointment was helpful in solving that problem.
love Amanda

Sam Sejavka said...

Pop back for the photos, amanda.

As regards the real shrink, well, I expect there'll be many appointments to come. Just hope he doesn't cure me of my creativity.

Matt said...

Chookas for tonight, Sam.
I won't be able to make it sadly, but I'm sure it'll be great.

F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

I had a really bad experience with a psychiatrist when I was 14.
he is dead now and in hell I hope.
Henry G. Stevenson, St.Kilda Rd.
evil deviant.

peace and love to you though dear Sam

princey said...

Surrounded by pretty young things, it's no wonder why you love the theatre world Sam! and you fit in quite nicely too :))))

casjumbo said...

The hair is looking very Stephen Cummings there, Sam!

I saw one of your plays, set on the old boat deck, held in an old church in Fitzroy. About 4 years ago now. You said to me "my set is amazing" and I was impressed by the Bowie reference ;)