Sunday, May 24, 2009

~ all the more cats

A cry of utter revulsion came from the laundry, where Polly had caught sight of this –

Lately, distasteful things - even pictures of distasteful things - have been tending to make Polly cry, and this particular jigsaw puzzle of gore and grume on the linoleum was just too horrid for her to even consider trying to work it out.

Me? Well this sort of thing is my bread and butter; it’s hardwired into my masculine identity. I am involuntarily attracted to purulent, noisome, fetid, reechy, repugnant things. Indeed, as a young boy, the very first time I used a thesaurus, these were the concepts around which I sought to build a powerful vocabulary. There seems to be truth to the whole 'slugs and snails and puppy-dog tails' paradigm.

And that’s why I sometimes include images of this kind in Sails of Oblivion. I just can’t help myself.

What you see above are the remains of Tweety Bird’s night dinner: a tail, some extraneous blood and faeces and, again, that strange bean-shaped sac which she invariably places to the side.

Previously, we had thought it might be the liver, but now the truth comes into focus. It is the rat’s stomach. Clearly, Tweety, a proud feline, deigns with extreme prejudice to consume the kind of ordure eaten by a rat.

Tweety and Little Kitty, after breakfast of a morning, customarily engage in wargames: stalking, leaping, pouncing, and crashing around the house. This morning I caught this series of images.

(By the way, my Flickr account is full up, so my images have moved to Photobucket)

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