Sunday, April 19, 2009

* 7 June 1981 Sunday 7.30pm

I stayed with Tobsha last night. We shared a bottle of champagne. I enjoyed spending time with her, at her fine little house.

I read some of her writing. She is a terrible speller and seems obsessed by the genital organs.

Why am I speaking in such a detached tone? Is it because I am unsure of my feelings towards her? At a party last night, she made some disturbing suggestions, the exact nature of which I cannot properly recall.

She has the makings of a fine friend, but a lover? Perhaps not for me.

The single remained at nine on the RRR charts this week


Yes, I’ve reopened the tattered old green book. Not that stimulating an entry, unless, perhaps, you’re a fan of Tobsha’s work, in which case I suspect the genital obsession will make plenty of sense.

I recall being kind of condescending, and kind of jealous when she told me she’d been writing. She was a sculptor, not a writer, and besides how could you be any sort of writer if you couldn’t spell? I was yet to learn that W B Yeats, one of my literary idols, couldn’t spell to save his life.

And, over the years since, Tobsha has produced a far more successful body of work from her pen than I from mine. Who was I kidding?

Those of you interested in the Beargarden release: we’re having a meeting next Sunday which should produce a very swift timeline.

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princey said...

Exciting news about Beargarden Sam, it's been too long, tell "them" to get a move on....pronto!

Sam Sejavka said...

It's my fault, all my fault. The liner notes are in my court and I've been slack, but I have an immutable deadline now: this coming Sunday.

lily was here said...

Oh yeah, a deadline sure can kick some ass.

Tobsha - with a name like that you'd just imagine she'd be dripping in exotic creativity. Sam there are great musicians who cannot read or write music, actors with dyslexia etc.

David said...

Here is a slender piece of information that might fit your liner notes. I was recruited as a freelancer for Smash Hits in Australia when it started up in '83-'84 and I distinctly recall Beargarden being discussed when the group was being promoted as Virgin Australia's first (?) signing. 'This is the kind of band we want to feature', was the attitude. And we did, by the way, in I think the first issue.

Sam Sejavka said...

I've still got a copy of that Smash Hits. The photo is a real 80s classic.

Sam Sejavka said...

I've always been a bit of a pedant when it comes to grammar and such. Something I've been trying to shrug for most of my life