Saturday, April 25, 2009

~ the cult of the millipede

It was a large ellipse of dark red soil almost the size of a football oval and delimited by a plain concrete walkway. The soil had been imported a decade previously, dozed from the surface of a dry exhausted region somewhere in the interior and poured over the contents of a landfill which had served the waste management needs of the capital city for three decades. The area was then graded flat and left to detoxify; over a period of fourteen years, its poisons and noxious gases leached steadily away, until the land could officially be designated fit for human use.

The red plain was vast and desolate, as devoid of ecology as the wastelands from which the soil had been procured, yet beneath, among the strata of refuse, materials were reacting with each other, merging, catalysing, gumming, fusing. The near infinite variety of society’s discards were co-mingling and beginning to seethe.

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