Monday, April 13, 2009

~ sixteen days

Just as I was about to get serious with my blogging, (amongst other things,) something deadly, deadly serious fell from the sky, scooped me up and planted me in a sixteen day Dantean nightmare, from which, thank the Blind Watchmaker, I have at last been extracted.

I don’t know how candid I should be, but for now I’ll just say that it came down to my love of the halfling’s leaf. Did it cloud my mind? Most emphatically. Did it expose my soft underbelly to the impersonal machinery of the state? Again, emphatically.

Down the track, I hope I’ll have some eye-opening tales to tell, but at present discretion is my watch-word and I won’t say too much. Or anything at all, really.

Over the last few days, I’ve just been focusing on myself and my family. At first glance, it seemed our world had been tipped upside side and left to moulder on the nature strip. But with a little effort, and the return to comfortable routines, with immersion in the love of wife and radiant daughter, and by reminding oneself that, although our financial problems seem insurmountable, they are not, and are actually a lot less severe than many.

Thankfully, there is a silver lining. When something pulls you up in your life, however ferociously, there is the chance to reset, reflect, recalibrate. To start again from scratch, if necessary. To either surge forth or clear the slate. It’s a time to count the positives, and, at least in my situation, they add up to a beautiful total.

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princey said...

Whatever happened, I'm glad it's over and out.
Could do with a SS warped story or something at the moment.
Take Care

Ben said...

Very glad to hear you are okay.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Much love to you and the family

-ben andrews

Sam Sejavka said...

Hey thanks,

It's far from over, but the worst bit - I would hope - is past. Hmmmn, a warped story ... leave it with me.

[whenever you're ready with the film, Ben].


lily was here said...

Sam was kidnapped?! Glad you got away from whatever the thing was. Positive vibes, love xxx

Jadey said...

Wow, sounds scary, but glad you are ok. Totally intrigued now and have my own little ideas as to what happened, but understand your need for privacy.

Anonymous said...

um heard a little about it from lynne. i was concerned. glad to read that you are able to be so philosophical about it. very best of luck.

Sam Sejavka said...