Wednesday, March 26, 2008

~ the chicken-hammer’s victory

During the mid-eighties, after the final demise of Beargarden, I spent some time lolling about London, living in squats, doing nothing in particular.

For some reason, lost to me now, I took up the drawing of abnormal chalk murals on the walls of places I lived and visited.

Please allow me to share these with you now.

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princey said...

Wow, gorgeous artwork Sam, you're always surrounded by art aren't you?
You're name should really be "Cool McCool" haha
love Amanda

angel wings and hearts said...

wow. they are quite amazing aren't they. the main figure in the first 2 (no not you!) looks sort of mandrake - ish.


Sam Sejavka said...

Thanks for the good reviews ... Looking back on those murals, I wonder where they came from ... I've always harboured a secret dream to become an artist. No more typing. No more complex plot outlines. Less cogitation ...

lily was here said...

Sam you ARE an artist. Forget ebay books, you should be selling your drawings, you have a unique style borne from a unique mind. Do it!