Sunday, October 7, 2007

~ The Secret of The Moon Girl's Bracelets

At last the play is over. All those vital young new friends will pass, inevitably, into my history.

The sensual Flynn [Miranda] with his honeyed voice. Just out of school and ravenous for life. In a way, he reminds me of Michael Hutchence. Something about his soft, gentle manner... If it was a path he wished to tread, I could imagine him up there, under the par-cans, writhing in snakeskin.

The marvelously good-looking Ben played the Caliban - Michael Alig character [pictured below]. He has a clear and present taste for well carbonated beauty. Each night there was a selection of sparkling eyefuls. On the last night, he brought his girlfriend. She looked at me as if I was a stray, sauce-smeared paper bag which the wind had just flattened onto her dress. Almost certainly my fault, though I can't recall exactly what I did to elicit the reaction. You see, I just can't control my excitement around these people and - with some inducement from the Slammerkin - I start to believe I'm Oscar Wilde. Something similar also happened the previous night. A friend of The Moon Dancer [Kristine] began to cry after a barrage of weird comments escaped my big mouth. I tried to console her, but merely scared her. Again, I have no idea what I actually said, but the culmination certainly involved the word emo.

Kristine, who is from Norway, gave Polly her bracelets to look after during the show. I was a little worried as it seemed like fairly good jewellery, but Kristine was serious and Polly was treating them as if they were 24 carat gold. Afterwards, Polly reverently returned the bracelets and Kristine gifted her one. There was something sweetly emotional about this whole transaction, as if Kristine had been reenacting an event from her childhood. As for my child, it was a beautiful little lesson in responsibility & trust.

There was trouble with the trains late last night and we didn't get home till 12.30am. Very late for a four year old, but she had a whale of a time, twirling every adult she met around her tiny little finger with a subtle mixture of shyness and charm. I left her in the care of Camilla Z, while I dashed backstage to grab my brief-case. I returned five minutes later to find her preaching to a circle of eight cross-legged smiling adults.

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