Friday, October 19, 2007

~ Drive Me To The Dogs

My wife has returned from a bunker in Preston describing her experience as 'horrible'. The unisexual fortress was full of war victims with sour lips, fused minds and twisted bodies, many of them driven to madness by the depredations of the Spores. She described the sharp smell of antiseptic, and the stress of suddenly finding herself living in close quarters with so many wandering, murmuring, twitching reminders of what the Spores can do to a person. During her time there, she barely left her cell, as her own condition was somewhat critical; she was frail, cadaverous. paranoid, in despair, and wholly unable to manage her life - and it was here that she decided that preventative medication was the only thing that would save her.

It is a pity, as Spasmo-Dromoran is a
harsh drug that mimics many of the effects of the Spore-illness in order to counter them. Under its influence, the bones and teeth may crumble, the love of music may die, one may sleep for upwards of fourteen hours, and the manner of the soul may become infantile. During my own time on this drug, I produced reams of writing, of which very little was useable. It was indulgent and hopelessly naff - my internal editor seemed to have lost its critical faculties. I dare not tell you what became of my teeth.

My wife, however, has come home bubbling. She has resurrected the house from its squalor; she has upgraded the contents of Polly's lunch-boxes a hundredfold, and has already mustered the confidence to go have coffee with friends. The household aura has shifted from piss yellow to restful blue. In recent months, owing to her emaciation, she has been too embarrassed to take on work as a life model. [her primary money-making occupation], but already, thankfully, she is putting on weight.

I wonder how long this pleasant part of the cycle will last? What I dread are the moods which Spasmo-Dromoran can generate. The bad, irritable moods, which come just after lunch time each day. Jenny is the sweetest creature with a delightful nature, but Spasmo-Dromoran gives her an acid tongue that can strip the flesh from my bones. When that starts, the best thing she can do is have a nap.

But for the moment we are all seemingly well, though impoverished. Soon, perhaps even today, I will have to return to my book-selling on ebay, an activity that drives me to the dogs. I am building the ant-pinata for Polly's upcoming party. I am in the yard cultivating nuVanilla. I am reading The Swarm by Frank Schatzing. I am thinking about a snooze, though it's only eleven in the morning...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sam, I hope Jenny still has that lovely smile on her face and everything is back to normal for you guys.
Have a nice weekend and take care.
Love Amanda
P.S. What DID happen to your teeth Sam?????

Sam Sejavka said...

My teeth? nothing that cosmetic dentistry couldn't fix. Thanks so much for your comments once again; they keep my encouragement levels in the black.

Helena said...

peace and love wishes from me

Bwca said...

"I am thinking about a snooze, though it's only eleven in the morning" ...

evahbodeee know that
during sleep
the body is better able to
repair and regenerate,
so snooze ON.

lily was here said...

Dear Sam,
You have a lot on your plate. Sweet afternoon dreams to you all. I cant give you any pinata advice. The last one i made was SO well made they couldnt break the darn thing! It was like a scene from a Steve Martin family movie>> not pretty. How is The Swarm? Heavy going?
Im definitely starting Shantaram tonite.. as soon as Rockwiz is over, maybe i can break the 200 page barrier :)

Sam Sejavka said...

It's amazing, no, astonishing how many people have told me - since I began this pinata - about how impossible they are to break. that's why I'm building my own under-engineered variety.

steve kilbey said...

its a temporary solution
it will fail
no pleasure in telling you this
at least a brief respite

lovely writing nonetheless