Wednesday, October 20, 2010

~ the pittance

I’ve been finding it difficult getting back into a routine with these blog posts. I think, perhaps, it’s because I’ve been so focused on work lately, trying to make every hour of every day count before I have to immerse myself in my legal defence.

With regards legal matters, there’s been some good, perhaps very good news. The DPP has thankfully dropped the most severe of the charges: the one that forced the matter of The Crown vs Sam Sejavka up into the County Court, necessitated a 3-4 day trial with a jury and made the seizure of my house a distinct possibility. I don’t quite know what’s going to happen now; it’s still serious, but not quite so doom-laden. I'll find out in mid-November what the new schedule will be. [as for details of my transgressions, I think the ‘REGARDING DONATIONS’ link gives the details]

I managed, finally, pay most of my five figure legal fees (It’s a pre-paid system) though now I’m saddled with outrageous debt and am having to teach myself to survive on a pittance. Not that I haven’t been in this situation before...

Another individual in dire financial circumstances is Steve Lucas (of X) who has some kind of agonising back problem which can’t be solved without an influx of cash. On Thursday, December 2 at the Gershwin Room there a benefit. There are eight bands including The Ears so make certain to put it in your diaries.

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princey said...

Hey Sam, glad to hear thing are getting better with life ( and finances), and hey, well done, 3 blogs up already.....I'm happy!

Are you coming to the GB3 gig on the 29th at The Northcote Social Club? It's probably a bit too far for you to travel, but it's going to be AWESOME, hope to see ya there! :)

sam sejavka said...

I think I'm going to miss that one unfortunately, but I am going to see Harry Howard and The Near Death Experience on the 30th. Intensely curious to see what that's like.

Thanks for snapping at my heels re: the blog.