Tuesday, December 1, 2009

~ here I am

Life has been a tremendous challenge lately. All manner of threats and obstacles have been presenting themselves and I have had little choice but to face them, grim-faced and dour. I’ve been unable to update the Sails of Oblivion – or to do much writing at all for that matter. For this I’m really sorry. This blog has, somehow, become central to my work and my life and I’m a fool to neglect it.

My last month has been consumed by rehearsals and performances of Lynne Ellis’s adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The BFG in which I’m playing the title role. We opened late last week after the fastest, most intensive rehearsal period I’ve ever experienced. I lost at least a stone in the process, but it was worth it. The show is very funny, even for adults I think, and I recommend it robustly.

There’s a ‘gala-night’ on Tuesday December 15 which you can inquire about at RMIT Union Arts. Otherwise the public season runs from Jan 5 to 22. (Book at M-TIX 9685 5111]

On top of my theatre commitments, I’ve been enduring the usual swathe of life-related challenges. I’m looking after Polly by myself just at the moment and my confused, absent-minded habits when blended with a child’s natural anarchy make for a very messy house and a very messy head. What’s more, Polly’s ballet concert is looming and involves an unlikely amount of concentration, organisation and driving. Thankfully, I’ve been able to palm off the sequin-sowing to Polly’s female antecedents.

As regards my ongoing legal problems, my effort to have the charges reduced to something more in keeping with the wrongdoing have been flushed down into the grease-trap of cruel mechanistic legality. I will be facing another year of fear and uncertainty, but I will continue to fight. I just wish I was the only one who was suffering. To say that my partner does not cope well with tension and anxiety would be an extreme understatement and Polly, of course, though she does not know what’s happening, is already affected by the changes in our circumstances.

I would really like to thank Jenny, Lynne, Dolores, Andrew, Robert. Sara and Di for their support the other day in court. I love you all.

You’ll hear from me soon.

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Marshall-Stacks said...

oh gosh Sam - I'd have been there too if I thought it would have helped.
Lots of love to you and all.

Matt etc said...

Hey Sam
Great to have you back! I have missed reading your blog, good to hear you have been keeping yourself busy with the play. I live in Brisbane at the moment but realised I will be going home ( I still think of Melbourne as home) for Christmas and a bit of Jan, so I might get a chance to check out your play.

Hmm sorry to hear about your legal problem, the legal system can be very cruel and distressing. I think it might just come down to luck sometimes on who you get on the day and hopefully luck will work in your favour in the next round. I have been trying ("energy issues") to study a law degree over the past couple of years and seen a few surprising turn arounds.
Take care
Matt etc

princey said...

Hi Sam, good to hear you've been busy with your acting and theatre work, it sounds like a great play to see. I was wondering what happened to your blog, I thought you might have lost interest, but obviously you've got a lot of "stuff" on your plate to sort through, so you're forgiven haha. Hoping some good luck comes your way soon:)))
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Good mind, good find........................................