Tuesday, June 16, 2009

~ the passing of immaculata

I’ve spent much of the last three weeks writing an article on naltrexone implants. Too long for a simple article. I get buried in the research, and in polishing the text, and lastly in reducing the text by half because I inevitably write twice as much as what’s needed. I should be quicker by now, but I’m not.

Naltrexone is a drug that blocks the effects of opiates. Usually, it’s taken in tablet form by recovered junkies to prevent relapse, but there’s also a slow-release delivery module that is inserted under the skin and which can last months. It’s unproven and unsafe, but many desperate users are turning to it as a last resort. A lot of politics are wound up in this story, a lot of overdoses too, and a lot of infected incisions.

If you’re interested, the article will hopefully be in the next issue of Whack!, the magazine of Harm Reduction Victoria. Perhaps along with another article I’ve written on the shamanic drug ibogaine.

On the ornithological front, it is my sad duty to report the disappearance of the white duck Immaculata. She has been missing from the Grey Creek for at least a month now, and I fear the worst. The last few times I saw her, she seemed uninterested in food and I think she was already fading as winter descended.

Lat week, there was a huge flock of sulphur crested cockatoos feasting on the spiky balls that fall from the liquid amber trees at this time of year.

But more exciting by far was my sighting of about a dozen black cockatoos by the grey creek. Identifying them has been hard.. There are five types of black cockatoo. Glossy black cockatoos don’t live here. They weren’t gang gangs. Red and yellow tailed black cockatoos do live in Victoria but I didn’t see enough colour to tell … It must have been one of these two.

The Sails of Oblivion Gig surges on. Dolores, the promoter is a force to be reckoned with. We’ll have facebook and myspace pages set up within the next few days.

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princey said...

Hopefully the duck migrated to another place and still alive, so don't give up hope Sam.
I have to look for my Ears, Scarecrow ep (single?), and give it a spin on the turntable, less than 8 weeks to go before the gig, yay!

Sam Sejavka said...

Yes, let's hope that's true ... I don't know how long farm ducks actually live ... is it really less than eight weeks? Don't scare me!

Helen said...

Oh, goodbye Immaculata - I hope you migrated to somewhere nicer (Jell's park? I'm not sure but I think Sam's place is within an easy duck flight of there?)

Sam Sejavka said...


Pictured are long-billed corellas, not sulphur crested cockatoos. (I've learned a lot more about birds in recent months]