Monday, June 15, 2009

~ give me sagging insects

Suddenly, just when I thought my life was sufficiently hectic, things have ramped up a notch. Of course, the blame sits squarely upon the Gig of Oblivion … or Sails of Oblivion – The Gig … or whatever we choose to call it

The Ears had their first rehearsal yesterday. First rehearsal in two and a half decades. Not the full band. Just Mick Lewis and I from the original group and Chris Walsh (ex Moodists, Fabulous Marquises) who’s playing bass in the absence of Cathy McQuade. (Like keyboardist Gus Till, who lives in Bali, the tyranny of distance prevents her participation.]

We spent the afternoon dredging through the deep past. Sparking memories of all shades. Voicing words written by my nineteen year old self, for the first time in so long, was a trip in itself.

Drink from the dirty nipple
Milk that’s designed to cripple
Here in the brimming crater ….

Chris mentioned to Mick Harvey (ex Bad Seeds) that we were doing a reformation and his reply was ‘Brick Woman’.

Sadly, we’ve decided to draw the line at performing ‘Brick Woman’. But we are doing Sagging Insects, the first song Mick and I ever wrote.

Give me sagging insects
Got those sagging insects
You’re my sagging insect

I have to say, it’s all so very, very exciting.

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F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

Hi Sam
It's gonna be a wonderful night.

Visit this great blog
and their post of 8th May 2009

'Calling All Aussies'

princey said...

Sagging insects???? Cant wait to hear that one,exciting yeah!!

NickH said...

Hi Sam

Are you going to do Golf Course? Love that song!

Can you give a bit of background on it, too?


Sam Sejavka said...

We're definitely rehearsing golfcourse and I expect we'll be playing it. As for background, I think the title came from our first drummer Chuck Meo [who played himself in Dogs in Space]. For some reason he thought it was hilarious calling a song golfcourse, and I guess the rest of us did too. . It was actually written by Mick Lewis and I.

Anonymous said...

Consider the apple, consider the sandwich. We work on the dog weapon but we like our lunch.


You know who...