Friday, November 7, 2008

~ aerobones

During our recent trip to Bairnsdale, Polly and I - with the help of Kyowa and the spinal column of a cow – developed the concept of the aerobone. Just one example of the enjoyment that may be derived from imaginative employment of decomposing animal parts.

When I was Kyowa’s age, there would not have been a boy in the land who did not immediately recognise the markings on these vertebrae. For better or for worse, I found myself teaching the children how to draw a swastika. How ancient I have become.

Belatedly, and as promised, I have injected some images into the post The Den of Nargun ...

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NickH said...

Hi Sam

I'm sure the average vegan pacifist will love this blog entry! Do them good to get their heart muscles pumping but might get a few decaf soy lattes spilled!

Reminds me of an auction item I once saw on that show Collectors: a 19th-century goblet made out of a human skull, sourced from some kind of battleground a century before. An incredibly macabre piece which sold quite well, from memory.

I have a morbid fascination for such things but I don't think even I could take a sip from such a cup – too close to the bone if you pardon the rotten pun.

Ann O'Dyne said...

Yes Nick that skull-goblet at auction went for thousand$. Macabre yes, but also very beautiful.
Sam - the AeroBones are brilliant and their skybattle not a 'Dogfight' but a BullFight.

Mook said...

Love those aerobones - I know my two young ruffians would love them as well - gotta get me a decomposing cow...