Thursday, February 7, 2008

* 13 April 1981 Monday 3.00pm

I have not been home to my mother’s house since I last wrote. I have been very drunk; taking speed against my better judgement – even heroin. I’ve been cavorting with women - Jane M----, Carol L---- and, significantly, Cathy D----. But sex is like food for me – something is gone.

On Friday, for the first time in my life, I saw red. After finishing our gig at the Jump Club, we were required to go back on stage to fill the time quota on our contract. We did so reluctantly. I walked into the band room afterwards and lost control. I kicked in a door, ripped another half off its hinges, then punched holes in a third. I wound up in a toilet cubicle. Some guy had tried to stop me without effect. The band will have to pay for the damage.

This incident frightens me. I am not experiencing one of my more sane periods.

[We received our first record contracts on Friday.]


I had completely forgotten this before reading it back – but it doesn’t surprise me. During the months after Christine’s death, I grieved in some very strange ways, some of which I’m sure will emerge in later posts

Long after the fact, I learned that extreme promiscuity is not that unusual a reaction to the death of a lover. After losing her physically, it seemed like I wanted to kill Christine’s memory through sex.

The record contracts would have been with Missing Link.

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eek said...

Extreme and unprovoked anger can also be a reaction to loss and a way of grieving too.

Sam Sejavka said...

So true, eek. And I think the diaries will reveal a few more distressing incidents down the line.