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* 17 February 1981 2.15am

I don’t know if my Queensland holiday did me any good at all. The Slammerkin came down hard that Saturday night. I was delirious with glee and forever holding out my wineglass to the gaggle of drunken teenagers in Nikki’s backyard – who were only too happy to ply me with their poisonous Southern Comfort. I was well past the point of making sensible decisions and paid for it by spending the last week of my holiday in bed. My liver is not what it was and behaviour like this could literally kill me.

I’m back on line now, however. Back in the psycho-dome that is my house in Mt Waverley. No whiff of the Deadly Spores, thank goodness, but plenty of other unpleasant challenges to occupy my time. Jenny stormed out of the house Sunday after riling me up with a nastily phrased litany of my inadequacies. She called back today and told me she’d had her period. We compared notes and realised the exact same thing had happened exactly twenty-eight days previously.

So, to resume transcription of my ancient diaries …


This afternoon after practice, I purchased some heroin and took it back home to Christine. We locked ourselves in the flat and fucked ourselves sore … She is asleep now.

My love for her is frighteningly strong. She assures me this is also true for her. We assured each other, in fact, continuously, very self-indulgently all evening.

I’ve heard that Keith Glass said I was either stupid or a genius for writing the lyrics to Triple Treat. Well…?

Our new song should be called Green Food For a Queen. I have found a pseudo-religious poster to use on our drum skin... Put in a handbill to be printed… I have so very much to do.

Last night Christine and I fucked madly to the listening ears of her sister Anne. We are such ostentatious lovers. Christine’s father asked her if she was going to marry me. Hah! I am the first of her boyfriends he has seen and he is confused.

That’s all I feel is worth recounting on this excellent night


Green Food For a Queen turned out to be one of the best Ears songs …

green food for green queens tonight
and gruel for the black and the white

Triple Treat? Well there was a particularly tasty ice-cream available at the time with a slab of nice soft pink nougat-like material sandwiched in vanilla ice cream and coated in chocolate. I don't know if the song was related specifically to the ice-cream, but it went something like this ...

it was a triple treat, a triple treat
and triple tigers perish on the hour

Christine and Annes’ father, at this time, was the head of Victoria’s police union

Diary of 1981 - index

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Anonymous said...

I'll have to copy my Ears vinyl onto cd, I'd love to hear you sing again!