Monday, November 12, 2007

* 14 February 1981 11.50pm

One more time, before I leave…


It’s a very murky, humid night – my mind is very hazy – I keep drifting off to other things, other places.

Since my last entry, I have not been in any state to write. I did score the heroin. It was average. Rushed off to the recording studio. It was a relative success, I cannot say for sure as yet. The next afternoon me and Christine set off for the city – we visited Missing Link to find out the limitations on the record cover [which must be got under way very soon]. Then we went to the Australia Hotel and drank for some hours – then we ate – I consumed two meals, through sheer gluttony – Veal Cordon Bleu, Veal Parmigiana. The tab was nearly $17 – [am I reading this right?] – so we caught a cab to Craig [McGee] and Lauras’ – A fellow named Dud had some LSD, which we promptly bought – then we drank and smoked – can I tell you everything, my diary? LSD can make me lose control …

[If only I could remember what I was referring to here …]

At about six we went to Wellington St – we bathed – I drank three sachets of Vincent’s Powders – TV – and finally slept – missed a practice – and Cathy Denny’s 21st – most ashamed – acid still frolicking round in my system – Practised today – not long now before we play – prepared ‘The Freighter’ [of dubious quality] – visited my mother – she keeps talking about my father – on and on …

It is a sultry night and I only want to sleep.


Transcribing these diaries is beginning to make me nervous … I myself have not read ahead … but I know what is to come.

Vincent’s Powders … I recall them clearly - pink grainy stuff that came in paper folds like heroin… don’t know what was in it, but it’s been banned now. All I remember about the LSD trip was Christine crying because [she thought] her ice-cream was falling off its stick … and her horror at a piece of fairly normal rubbish she saw on the ground. I think she was hallucinating something Lovecraftian.

“The Freighter.” A song which never made it to the Ears’ playlist, though it had a strange and obtuse melody which I recall to this day. The song was a kind of sequel to one of our signature tunes: ‘The Crater’.

The Laura I mention ran a second hand clothes shop in Barkey St St Kilda for years. It was called Junkarucci.

The father I mention was my recently deceased progenitor.

Diary of 1981 - index

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Matt said...

Have a great trip, Sam.
Hopefully you'll find the time to update the blog and let us all know how it's going . . . in between bursts of relaxation.

smauge said...

Vincent's Powders = combination of aspirin, phenacetin and caffeine, the second ingredient causing kidney failure if overused, thus it's ban.