Wednesday, September 28, 2011

~ arm in python

I heard a story the other day about a girl who, being thoroughly wasted, passed out on the couch in an unfamiliar house - to wake with her arm swallowed to the shoulder by an overly ambitious pet python.

When people intersect with drugs, when the safe day-time world is penetrated by heavy-lidded Morlocks on Kronic or Crack, on Krank or Can-D, bizarre complications often ensue – a phenomenon I'm quite certain is news to no reader of this blog. At present, I'm trolling the far oceans of abnormality for the best and most unlikely pharmacological tales as
I'm editing a few issues of Whack Magazine - 'Whack' being the official (and mischievously named) 'organ' of Harm Reduction Victoria, the drug-users' advocacy group.

If you have one of these stories (or any interesting
drug-related writing - fiction or not) I'd love to see it. Email it to If you dare. I'm also seeking imagery on the same theme. Payment is on publication (etc) and almost - but not quite - at normal commercial rates.

On Friday next week, Polly and her friend Ocean are performing in Snatches at RMIT's Kaleide Theatre . It's just a small piece - but an important (perhaps even critical) continuation of The Goitre Bird Cycle - in which the girls, while innocently fishing beneath a sewage outlet, encounter the baffling Starched Penultipope, and proceed to divest him of a fabulous treasure ...

As for me, life writhes and slithers ... like a tunneling snake of quantum uncertainty. For every tragedy, there is a boon, and though I still have plenty of good reasons to crumple myself like a piece of used tinfoil, other more mysterious, more beautiful and bountiful influences have eased the general havoc of my life.

Take, for example, Henry, the estimable and very musky billy-goat pictured below (with myself and Heronymous Posh, photographed by Suzi Q P Dhol). The pupils of his eyes are disturbing to behold: uncanny, ur-satanic, horizontal rectangles, the like of which I'd never before encountered. What's more, in rutting season, the hairy rump of of every nanny-goat in the paddock is reliably worn to bare hide by
this proud, insatiable beast.

nb: the art at the top of the post is by Jenny Gameson.

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gavgams said...

Corker of a photo.
I had two goats. We called them Agatha and Tobias.
Their eyes are wicked.
In the ol days.. if no wet nurses available they'd put the infants on to the goat milk.
Now I have chooks and Guineas, but I want to get a pig, a milking goat and ducks. With endless time I want endless soft cheeses.
My Toby was a strong boyo. i had to get him off the car some times.

punk & blanket said...

Your blog is pretty different to our blog Sam but you may like it on a literary level. You may even find it amusing - we do.

we are in Melbourne. We remember the blank generation times too..............

richard.mudford said...

I like reading your blog a lot. But I've been checking it for months and it hasn't been updated. A little disappointing but I hope you have a good xmas.