Saturday, July 9, 2011

~ peripatetic insile

Last night, after catching the final train home from a dreamy night at Cherry watching Steve Kilbey and Ricky Maymi's enigmatic tribute to the mysterious David Neal (in addition to a beautiful set from some unnamed Triffid remnants and a session of ab-zen counseling over liqueur coffee) my sleep was profound and my spirit rose through the upper airs into the realms of the firmament. Here, to my deepest consternation, I witnessed the consumption of a pleasant green world by a Peripatetic Insile (a species of ravenous space-faring gastropod).

The next morning Polly removed a tennis ball from our new pond (a sunken claw-foot bath) turned it over and discovered this peculiar long-tailed slug-like larvum.

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smauge said...

That is bizarre - what is it?

sam sejavka said...

i have no idea. if you ever find out let me know. [i think it's aquatic]

Craig Bushby said...

My mate seen one of these at work in the car park when it started raining and took some photos and a video seen nothing like it before ill try get the photos up

I had to search on google to find anything like it and could only find your photo the same on images

sam sejavka said...

Maybe we're better off not knowing?