Tuesday, May 13, 2008

~ thoughts of the tadpole

There is so much entrenched greed in this world that I wonder if anything short of a revolution will put an end to it.

Staring blearily out of my shadowy room, I am overwhelmed by its extent and by my own impotency. I am a tadpole with big gloomy eyes and a scrunched up mind, there is little I can do.

When I heard that ebay were banning all forms of payment save those through its wholly owned partner Paypal, I began to feel spiritually ill. One person told me their profits will double overnight. My own profits as a [possibly ex] ebay seller will almost evaporate. There’s a reason I don’t use Paypal – the fees take too large a bite out the little I do make to justify the drudgery involved.

There is no good justification for it. ‘Safety’ is all they could come up with and if people want that, well, they can use Paypal already, can’t they? Ebay have a submission with the ACCC, asking for an exemption, as their plans are technically illegal. Yet they’ve already announced the commencement date. How does that work? How do they know what the ACCC will say? For the record, I made a submission detailing my thoughts, but I’m sure that if Ebay has gone to all the trouble they have, then they’re pretty sure the verdict will go their way. Even the Reserve Bank of Australia is complaining, but no matter, Ebay will have their way. Their profits will double.

They will have an even larger cash pile to invest on the short term money markets, much of it gotten by deliberately delaying payments. Like the banks do. I thought internet banking might extinguish that nefarious habit - holding onto funds in order to invest them - but no. The money disappears from your account and reappears in the other account a few days later. Where does it go? Why, it’s put to work.

I don’t see how this can be legal, but it’s been happening as long as I can recall. The banks will tell you they’re ‘validating’ or ‘checking’ or some such nonsense, but it’s all a lie.

On the David and Kim show the other morning an Ebay rattlesnake was trying to sell their case, but his body language was wrong. It made his words seem apologetic, as if he was fully aware how thick and rich was the crock of shit he was spouting. Ebay Australia is the unfortunate test case. Obviously, they’re taking orders from on high. The Ebay gnomes in the US have chosen their Australian minions to make the Paypal scam float. From here, it will radiate out into the world, and thence to America.

Ripples of greed, consuming the world.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree. There is no justification for this, except greed, and the fact that Australia is being made the test case makes my blood boil. I suppose the powers that be know that Australians are generally gutless and compliant and will make no fuss.

lily was here said...

It made me ill too!! Too many big wigs taking control and choice away from us. I read somewhere that sellers will move over to other sites like Oztion that still gives you the freedom to choose.


David said...

more please

princey said...

Hi Sam, just wondering where you've been?!! I hope you're ok and just having a break from blogging and everything's ok. I visit here everyday hoping to read your thoughts or look at some crazy artwork, hope to hear from you soon.
Love Amanda

Anonymous said...

Well the ACCC doesn't like it, just have to wait and see what happens next......

Sam Sejavka said...

I think I may have accidentally rejected a comment here. Sorry to whoever it was. I'm not planning any more online book selling just at the moment. The idea gives me the chills.