Tuesday, April 1, 2008

* 23 May 1981 Saturday 7.00pm

These are troublesome times. My group has very little hope of surviving them. I may leave and go with Franka to Northern NSW, where I will again pursue my writing

I’ve been to Macedon twice and taken mushrooms in this last week. The second time we had a serious car accident. I would imagine this is why I am so utterly confused as to my wants and needs.

Storm paid for a night at the Hilton, where we became hopelessly drunk. I boffed Franka in the heated swimming pool sometime that morning. It was good.

Terry has been busted for drugs. Carl is being too stupid for me to bear. People like Mark Gason are depressing me more with their criticism. Mick has no conception of the correct course to take and his assured but reckless statements muddle things further. Cathy, I think, will be chucked out. Gus is becoming my good friend,

Our single came into the RRR charts at 28, Canberra at 19. we’ve had bad reviews for our live performances. Good for the single.

In the next three weeks we are making a last ditch effort to improve. If we don’t make it, we bust.

I am reassessing my life. Should I continue with the group? If I don’t, I shall lose a lot, the easy lubrication of my social life for instance… Has the time come to retire into writing? Something inside me is telling me it has…

There’s no reason why I should make anything of my life, but I may as well try, at least for interest’s sake. In this respect, pride is my greatest asset and my greatest enemy.


Sound like this band’s tearing itself apart, doesn’t it? I think I was in love with the romance of self-destruction … I wonder how much Christine’s death, coming when it did, played a part?

The mushroom trips to Macedon are very tasty tales which I will save for another occasion. Some very wild stuff was involved

I remember consciously always using the word ‘group’ instead of ‘band’. ‘Group’ was groovier. Later, ‘band’ became groovier. ‘Boffed’ was a good word. I’m pretty sure it’s fallen out of usage now. The verb ‘to pork’ was just coming into fashion.

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princey said...

I STILL use the word "group", does that make me a groovy dag? I used to love that group called Beargarden!

Sam, both "to boff" or "to pork" sounds ridiculous, don't ya think?
Luv Amanda

lily was here said...

'Group' sounds kind of funny now. I dont remember 'boff' being used but it sounds a lot better than 'pork'. Out my way it was 'screw' or 'shag'. This led me to do some research (this is serious business :) to find some other terms. My god, there's a whole dictionary of sexual terms out there! I still think the Brits are the funniest with sayings like--- like, "a bit of hows your father", "rumpy pumpy" LOL
very cute! Masturbation's even funnier. Cyndi Lauper and The Vapors have a lot to answer for :)

ps On that note... hope your birthday was a good one Sam xxx

Sam Sejavka said...

'Group' sounds funny to me too for some reason. Funny story, in grade two or thereabouts I was about to win a spelling bee when I made the fatal mistake of spelling 'group' as 'Groop'. I'd only seen it printed on record sleeves by the group 'The Groop'. Remember them?

Boffing seems sweet and harmless to me. Porking sounds bestial. I suppose it depends on the occasion...

Oh, and on the British angle, don't forget 'a jolly good rogering.

Forgive me, but which Cyndi Lauper song was about masturbation?

lily was here said...

"She-bop" . If you watch her video, there's quite a few hints of it. Dont worry, when it came out i thought it was just about dancing :)

lily was here said...

ps The Groop have something to do with Molly Meldrum and Russell Morris's song The Real Thing (which I adore), will have to look them up to jog the old memory.

Sam Sejavka said...

Right. She-Bop. It all comes back to me now.

So The Groop were Australian? I wouldn't have a clue. I was so into the Real Thing. I used to hang out for the top 40 pamphlet that appeared every week at the local record shop. I'd study it like it was the AFL league ladder. The Real Thing was on top for at least 20 weeks [like Hey Jude]