Thursday, January 31, 2008

~ polly's at school

I couldn't resist posting a few photos of Polly's first day at school.

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Anonymous said...

Totally adorable!

Anonymous said...

A big day for ALL the family, she looks like she was off to a happy start, cute!
(I bet you missed her heaps though Sam)
Love Amanda

Bwca said...

Thank you Sejjy.
They are both gorgeous.
It's such a special day, and of course she draws well!

Sam Sejavka said...

Thanks all. Sorry about the delay in responding; I've been immersed in non-blog related writing.

That picture evolved into one of the prettiest Polly's ever done. She was so excited by the jars of fat fresh textas.

It's four days in now and she's loving school. As beginners they finish early, but Polly's insisted on staying on till 3.30 each day in after-care. I hope it lasts.

And, Amanda, I'd like to say I missed her, but the time to myself was too enjoyable.

eek said...

Oh so adorable! I love the first pic -- such a great smile!

Sam Sejavka said...

Shame I it was too early for me to focus properly. How come the camera was doing the same thing as my eyes?